Get data from sensors

This is a curiosity that came up to my mind today.
Does anyone have experience in getting data from any kind of sensors?
Imagine i want a program that measures the temperature every 5 minutes ... some thing like that.
I need information about those equipments and wich could provide a easy approach to this subject.
depends on the sensor and how and if it's connected to a pc.

maybe microcontroller or a quick simulink or labview project is better
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You could use a picaxe micro-controller, there pretty awesome - i have one. You can hookup a bunch of stuff to it
Hello graciano,

Generally, any sort of equipment you buy comes with a library for c++. Even more common though... the device(mirco controller) comes with a library. I sensor generally consists of a power input, ground input, and a signal input. Depending on your controller, you would need to hook it up different ways. A sensor is usually analog or digital. So you would need a micro controller that supports this type of function. A great thing for exactly what you are doing would be the arduino board. I am not sure that you are familiar with this.. but it is a micro contoller... but it had slots for analog... digital.. pwm... and more depending on the version you get. There are TONS of accesories you can buy that work with the arduino board. You could build a whole robot with the stuff that arduino provides... I suggest researching this topic. You can find the arduino board and a sensor at your local hardware store. I got mine at radio shack. Both the arduino and the sensor combined would be about 50 dollars. It is by far worth the money. It even comes with its own ide(Integrated Development Enviroment) which supports c++, java and more. All of the librarys for the sensors and stuff are available on their website!

If your interested you could take a look at this:

Best of luck,

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I looked into this and got so excited about it that I just ordered the Sparkfun Starter kit for Arduino at Amazon ($70).
I went for 2 day shipping so I can start playing with it by Friday!

Just thought I'd share that!

My starting point was the MultilogPRO (, for the simple fact that it is used in the school i work for.
I contacted them and i got this answer:
"Fourier Systems does not release any information regarding schematics or protocols regarding its software and products.

All Fourier sensors must be used with Fourier Data loggers and Fourier software.
No other 3rd party software is supported."

Thanks for all the replies and i will take a look into all the options available.
Good choice fun2code. I bought that kit as well but since have moved on to more things. You are going to have a lot of fun with it!

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It's here!

I was initially dismayed because the package contains strictly hardware.
There is no documentation beyond a warranty description, not even a spec sheet for the Duo R3 itself!

It looks like everything I need for using it is at
I'll start downloading the software, etc now.

There's a lot of basic electronics hardware supplied with it: breadboard, 70 jumpers, assortments of resistors, capacitors, LEDs, push buttons, several types of sensors, an LED readout board, etc...

I may become difficult to reach for a few days.

@graciano What do you want to do with a controller?
I used your link to check out the Fourier product. I think it is a far different thing than the rest of us are discussing in this thread.
Look into things a bit more before buying.
Did you find any pricing info? I tried and found that I would have to register with the site to get a price quote (red flag), so I didn't get the info.

EDIT: I have uploaded my 1st "blinking LED" program to the Duo. It works! I can vary the blink rate by changing the pause intervals in the program code then uploading it again! Exciting stuff!
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@fun2code i'm happy that you are having fun with it already :)

Here thins work a little slower ... perhaps the crisis in Portugal is the cause!

Anyway, i think that it might be cheaper to order from a foreign country. I was told that there is a site in "London" with good prices ... still haven't found it.

My kit is ordered but ... still waiting to put my hands on it .

I'll be back after my first led experience ;)
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What did you wind up buying?

Please forgive this americans ignorance, but why is it hard to find a site to buy from?

Is $60 US at Amazon too high or is there a problem with ordering from them?
I'm assuming that Amazon is everywhere.
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