Help Needed!! Ticketing System


I was wondering whether anyone would be able to make a script for me?
I need to make a ticketing system ( I can add own logo ) which includes:

Event Name
Type of Ticket (Standard/VIP)
Ticket Selection (Adult/Child/Senior)
Price of ticket (So it automatically shows for type of ticket selected but has the option to void the charges)

I will personally add the ticket terms message in text on the ticket.
It will need a print function so that it prints the ticket but also saves the data into an accessible database whithin the program.

I will also need a login system to access the program for multiple users. What I am gonna have for the login system is a magnetic stripe reader for swiping their ID badge to log them in (All I have to do is swipe the ID badge into notepad and copy the text that shows up as the password for that individual account (on the same lines as but into the software rather than windows)
So rather than say login, just have it say please swipe your card.

Would this be possible for anyone to do for me??

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Why don't you use online ticketing system?
For example
They have all you need, and even more. Tools to promote your event on FB or using mailchimp.
Put this in the jobs forum. You're not going to get that much work done for free. ;-)
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