Compiler Crashes Windows 8 Pro (help!)

This is the situation... I just newly installed windows 8 pro onto my netbook. I need to do some basic programming for my class, therefore i installed visual 2012 on my netbook... When I run debug and run the program, it is all fine and dandy... but the moment I close the debugging screen... my computer blue screens and restarts.

I therefore downloaded codeblocks hoping it would not happen, but the same thing happens, I run the program, then when i close the debugging window, windows blue screens and restarts.


What is it that is going on? The compiler works and runs, but closing the debugging screen causes my computer to blue screen??!
I also newly added on 2gb ram to my netbook, prior it was running on 1gb ram.

Also when it was running 1gb ram, it would compile fine.

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Maybe the sticks are damaged and is corrupting memory causing your computer to crash. Either way it sounds like it might be a hardware issue.
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