Is there a way for me to allow two programs run concurrently?

One program updates the text in a file every so often. The other program is suppose to print a certain message based on what is in the text file. Since I want it to be as accurate as possible, I want the second program to be interrupted as soon as the first program changes the text file, so that the second file prints the most up to date message. Is there an interrupt that is offered by either software or hardware?
Google "interprocess communication", or IPC for short. The simplest form is the pipe.
You can use two threads for this purpose.
Hes talking about two different programs. I dont think 2 threads can communicate without IPC or sockets or something like that.
I mean two threads in the same program.
It is two programs. Each program will be written by one person. I will check out IPC, but if you have any other recommendations or links, please post them.
Then sockets can be useful.
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