How to sort char array Z-A...

This is my code for sort char to sort Z-A
I use 2d char array named nazivi...

for (int i=0;i<br_unesenih_el;i++)
for(int j=i;j<=br_unesenih_el;j++)

/*pomocna = polje_cijena[i];

pomocna2 = polje_sifra[i];
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Please help :(
Add comments (English only) into your snippet code.
Also you should put your snippet code into <> format tag.
How can i do this?
1- Sort all characters in an array or multiple arrays?
br_un... -> len
nazivi -> str

char nazivi[1000][20] -> user writes names in this array....
br_un... -> number of names....

With this code i can sort A-Z...How can i change this code to sort Z-A?
Please help...

This strange algorithm is harder than I and (you thought).
You only need the first character of all names to be sorted, or all perfectly??

You should have a multiple layered checking loops, per loop range : 1 character, and counting.
Maybe I'll provide an example later but you should follow this advice and try thinking yourself... :)

Good Luck!!!
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Do you know simply example code for this?
I need all all perfectly....

example... user input jackson, arny and bony...and program print jackson, bony, arny

I need just this part of code change (or some better example)
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