Automatic variable

In short, does C++ support automatic variable? If yes, how to intiate (set value, array init) and automatic variables calculation?
My data class seems needs more complex to fit the calculating requirements.
Does anyone know this new variable type? And how to use it?...
What do you mean by 'automatic'?
Ah... Automatic

You asked what do I (me) mean by 'automatic'?

I'm not sure if I answer this question.
Explain (In my point) : I want to make the simple data variable become super automatic data !!! This means (Maybe it's not correct) : 1- You can't get the type of a automatic (unknown) variable, so the size of a automatic variable will be changed, can be down or up, to fit the memory requirements. 2- The type of variable can be changed automatically, such as char-> int -> unsigned float -> double -> unsigned -> signed -> pointer -> int..... when a code access the variable with a proper contidion. And many more special features that can prove that it's very useful. I need them, so I'd like to love to see automatic variable type and how it works.

Does C++ support automatic variables? Does this type have all features that I've just said? And how to use it.... :)
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C++ is strongly-typed which by definition does not include a way to make variables like this.
Always when I see Jackson Marie's posts I wonder how da fack can it use a computer?!!!!
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