Help with SFML linker error

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But to be fair its not exactly an issue that's specific to SFML, the same issues come up with SDL, Allegro, Opencv, etc..
SDL can be (and is) distributed as a pre-built binary so you don't have to worry about mismatching debug/release/compiler-version-x. That's one of the (only?) advantages to C over C++. It's a lot more well defined when it comes to distributed libraries. C++'s necessary name mangling kind of destroys that ability.

So yeah SFML being a C++ lib is both a blessing and a curse in that regard. And I agree it isn't entirely it's fault, but it certainly could handle the situation better than it does.
I just built SFML earlier today. I've uploaded it to my mediafire.
It work for me, so if it can get you going on Visual Studio, great. But i'll agree with you, VS can be a massive pain in the rear. If codeblocks works better for you, by all means, use it.

anyway, here's the latest snapshot of SFML-2.0 built for VS2010 if you're interested in it:
You're aware that there are forums on the sfml site?

If you were to search them you might find a thread like:

which might be useful to you.
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Thank you cire for pointing that out.
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