Confused if and else if statements

I got this code that I am working on. It seems that it is too big to post on here. I have a lot of if and else if statements in it. It seems like some of them get confused with each other or only the first if statement gets triggered and not the right one. I'm making certain numbers display description text. Some of the if and else if statements actually work but other ones don't. Please let me know about your general knowledge of this kind of thing and what to do about it. If you want, I could post just my if and else if statements on here for you to analyze. Just ask. Wish I could post all my code on here, but there is a text limit. My code has gotten pretty huge.

Don't be afraid. Please feel free to post it here, maybe someone will use a compiler to test your code. Or just paste it by pastebin (google search). It's a convenient way if your code is too long.
Hope this helps. :)
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