Combinations(Link list, Template, struct stack, quee, recursion

Hi guys !
I am doing a project for my class, and these are the requirements of the project.
1. Link List
2. Templates
3. Structs
4. Dynamic Memory Allocation
5. Stack
6. Quee
7. Recursion

I am not having an idea about implementing all these methods in a program. Can you guys help me by giving an idea? Thank you very much, i would appreciate if you help me.
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You can check off more than half of those simply by implementing a linked list.
thank u xerzi for replying'
i already start doing something with the linked list, using struct, and quee, but i need the rest also to implement,,,actually i'm a little bit confused and i dont know what to do, if u guys have something that would help me, i would appreciate
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