looking for help

well i have to do a task asking me to list all the folders and subfolders in the whole hard disk....for examble list all files in c and D and E etc
Ok and what's the issue? Have you even wrote down anything yet?
nothing so far..as i have no refrences to go to..its kind of project to do something we havent learned b4 just to see how we searh and understand another codes
Well, you'll need to check out the Win32 API for this. C++ itself doesn't know anything about file systems.
can it be done on c++ or any other language? except c #.....if any ideas ...would be great
I'm sure there are libraries that will wrap this into C++, but at it's core this is a C problem. You can use l of Win32 in a C++ program though as C++ fully supports C. Win32 is written in C in case you didn't know.
boost should be able to do this
I haven't ever used Boost myself, though I hear it does have a great file system wrapper. But I also hear it is quite the pain to set up and would very well have a lot of unneeded stuff for this task.
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