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how?? i've been thinking that my code should be inside a for loop??? am i correct?
Yes, in order to repeat the whole thing until the user wants to quit, you have to put everything inside a loop.
how??? as in the whole code?? there should be a variable right?? like for example. do you want to go back to the main page? y/n ,, then how will i make a loop??? it's really complicating.. >.<
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i already make my code to loop, now, the only problem is how to display the stored data in the add choice.. pls help...>.<
Let's keep it to one topic, shall we? :)

Displaying the data seems the most easiest of all...

//go through all elements
for (int i=0;i<size;i++)
    cout<<book[i].author<<'\t'<<book[i].title<<endl; //print data
ok.. thank you thank you!!!
mwah!.. :]
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