Programing a payroll calculator with C++

Hi, I'm new here but I really need some help.
I was wondering if someone could help me with my C++ project. Here is my situation, my final exam is coming up and my teacher has only showed up to class 8 times and all of which he was late. Needless to say I didn't learn much. realizing the term was ending the teacher has assigned a huge project, that will count as our Mid term and Final ( because he didn't even show up for the Mid term). I have been looking through our text book but this stuff is hard. Could anyone please help me.The pictures attached are the assignment, he basically made this off the top of his head and I'm freaking out! This is due Tuesday. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Wow, interesting. Where is college?
It's good practice not to say things like that about the one teaching you.
It's not a very difficult assignment.
Take a cue from these links and put some codes together then we can assist you.

NB: As you have Sunday and Monday- it will help if you go through the tutorial sections on this site on specific subject related to your assignment also

e.g. setw and setfill (refer to and
for loops..etc..etc.. you don't have to read the whole tutorials just the ones specific to the work.
All the best.
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Kart is right. If you can put some codes together, we can assist u. the assignment is not very difficult, but for someone who just started learning, i understand your predicament.
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