Why do i need to use cin.get twice?

Hey guys, i was writing a very simple program and came a across an problem. In order to stop my program from closing i had to use cin.get () twice? Is this normal ? here is my code -

int main()
int a;
int b;
int sum;

cout << "To start this addition calculator, please enter a number!" << endl << endl;

cin >> a;

cout << "Now enter another number !" << endl << endl;

cin >> b;

sum = a + b;

cout << "The sum of those two numbers is " << sum << endl << endl;

cout << "This program was created by Omar Ismail" << endl <<endl;

cout << "Press enter to continue..." ;

cin.get ();
cin.get ();

return 0;

Oh and also, don't post alternatives to cin.get. Thanks :)
I tried you program and it seems you are right.

Then, I did:

char c;
cin.get (c);

cout << (int)c <<  endl;

And this writes 10 which it's a newline.

Likely, the last number you wrote, you wrote it and then press enter. So, it seems that you are getting that newline. So, for this you need cin twice.
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