Can someone help me make this program?

You have a pumpkin patch in FarmVille and are looking for the biggest pumpkin. You must create a program (with a two-dimensional array) that allows each user to maintain his farm of pumpkins allowing:
1. Login Squashes (ID, Weight, weight calculator * value = 1.25).
2. View pumpkins (farm).
3. Find the average farm of pumpkins.
4. Find the smallest pumpkin.
5. Search the largest pumpkin.
6. Inventory value (of the property).

Each option shown above should be developed with a function within the program and should be designed with a user menu. The array of pumpkins will have the following information.
Id Weight Price
1 -- 8.45 (lb) -- ($) 10.56
2 -- 10.08 (lb) -- ($) 12.60
3 -- 4.00 (lb) --- ($) 5.00
ect(like a table)

The maximum of pumpkins that his estate can have is 25 pumpkins.
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