C++ interacting with numeric fields in HTML.

Hello. I recently constructed a C++ program to calculate the price of several types of financial derivatives. I would like to start a basic website where people can use this algorithm to price things. The layout would be entirely basic HTML, with a few numerical fields for the input and output. In other words, plug in a number on the web page, which feeds it to the C++ program, which manipulates the value and then returns it into a different field on the same page.

My question is the following. What is the general approach to making programs written in C++ interact with websites written in HTML in the way I just described? Relevant posts I've found on here so far mostly seem to indicate that embedding C++ code into HTML is not a good idea, but I'm sure there is some simple way to do it that I just haven't discovered yet.

Thanks for your help.

Hi, maybe the information below can get you started?

Ah...excellent. Thanks!
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