SDL window crashing when using console

I'm new to SDL and C++ in general really, but I've been using the console to control a text based game and an SDL window to display images in a program I'm writing. It works fine in the compiler but when I build it and open the exe when I'm using the console the SDL window crashes. Any help? Is it possible to control the SDL window using the console or will it conflict somehow? I assume I will have to use SDL specific commands and transfer what I have on the console onto the SDL window. (which I plan on doing anyway).

Thanks in advance
On windows, SDL will send all output to file so you will not be able to see the output in the console window. You can read here about how to change this behaviour

The reason it crash is probably different. The problem is most likely that it fails to open the files that your program is using. Relative paths will start from the current working directory. When you run the program from the console the current working directory is the directory that you have navigated to using the cd command. If you start the program by double clicking on the executable file the current working directory will be the same as the executable file is located in. When running from the IDE the current working directory will probably be something different.
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