HELP!!!arrays and sorting

You are to create an application which stores information about people, along with a ‘task list’. The application’s functionality can be described as follows:

The user should be able to store peoples’ names along with several pieces of information about each person (age, telephone number, favourite football team etc.). The precise nature of this information may be predetermined by you.

The user should be able to retrieve the information by entering the person’s name

The user should be able to remove a person’s record by entering their name

The user may ask to return records for all individuals, sorted according to a piece of information other than their name (e.g. age).

The user should also be able to enter a task which needs performing at some point in the future. A priority may also be entered in order to indicate how urgently the task needs to be performed.

The user should, at any time, be able to view the highest priority task on the list.

The user should be able to remove the highest priority item on the list

This is an assignment I have been set. I have loads of questions. What type of method should I use to store data string or char as in letters individually. Also what sorting should I use?

you can use vector container.
beside that.
for sorting.
u can use sorting algorithm also.

did your tutor teach u about these?

#include <algorithm> 
no I cannot use those I need to make the algorithms myself I think? which makes it all very confusing as I haven't been paying attention. can you point me to somewhere which teaches me what I need for this task?

anyway first things first for me. How should I be storing this information? I mean like the best efficient method so I can sort easy later?
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