Anyone know javascript that could help me convert my c++ code to it

I am trying to convert my c++ code to javascript so that i can publish my game online, to anybody that knows javascript and could convert my c++ code to it, keeping similar formatting of code, please let me know, thanks.

i posted my code to to anybody willing to help, please reply back if you can help, thanks!
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Anybody who could help me please let me know, as i need some help converting this program, thanks!
Okay, I tried it, had to combine the interfaces with the implementations.
When I tried to compile the main file, I got a lot of errors due to your structs.
Sometime you forgot to include some structs, and sometimes you messed up your references for your functions.
I couldn't fix the problems for fear of screwing up the functions and the overall game.

Good luck.
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You need the help of Emscripten.It is an open source Cpp to JavaScript compiler that uses LLVM.
its ok if you mess it up converting it, if i get it converted to javascript, i can work from there and fix what you messed up, its just the converting it part i need to complete

any code you convert please post to my email @
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