Simple Web Browser

Hey Guys:

I am trying to create a simple web browser (and I’m talking simple)

There are several step-by-step instructions on the web

But they all seem to be using C ++ from visual studio 5

And they all start out the same - go to file new and then “Windows Form Application”

When I go to files / new on Visual Studio 6.0 – there is no "Windows Form Application" option.

Is there any place that has the step-by-step instructions for developing a simple web browser. In 6.0 .???

Or am I missing something simple?

Thanx in advance
Don't know what it is called in VC6, but you shoul have "Win32 GUI Project" or something like that (one of the generated files must contain WinMain function).

As for writing a simple web browser from C or C++ code, the most simple way is to use Internet Explorer engine, using IWebBrowser2 COM interface.

There is some sample code:
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