How to libcurl and Qt Creator (MinGW)

So I had a hard time finding something on Google on this.
And my searches turn up allot of people having the same issue.
So I just wanted to share a fast and easy method of including libcurl with Qt Creator on Windows and link the lib's correctly.

So what you first want to do is download the Offline installer from Direct Link :

Install the Qt SDK and remember to check MinGW under install.
(This can be done in the IDE to by Opening Help > Start Updater > Package Manager > Next [IMG][/IMG]

After this in your C:\QtSDK\mingw folder (or what path is correct for you).
Then just go ahead and copy and paste the /lib , /bin , /include folders form your downloaded libcurl library. Found Here.
Win32 - Generic
Win32 2000/XP 	7.28.1 	libcurl 	SSL 	  	G√ľnter Knauf 	3.24 MB

When this is done its only one thing left and that is adding the includepath and .lib (*.a) files to your project.

Open a new project and in the file Project_Name.PRO in the Qt Creator IDE.
Go ahead and add the following lines of code.

LIBS += C:/QtSDK/mingw/lib/libcurl.a

LIBS += C:/QtSDK/mingw/lib/libcurldll.a

INCLUDEPATH += C:/QtSDK/mingw/lib

Now #include <curl/curl.h> in one of your headers.h and you are ready to go.
Hope this is helpful to some as I found it frustrating and confusing by what I found on Google.

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