programming presentation

I've made a project which works on LAN connection and I'm gonna present it in ma school exhibition.Its basically a simple prototype of banking application.Transfer of money,etc is shown there.But I need to explain where it can be used and some explaination about where such programs can be used.Please help.....
It is very difficult to suggest usage unless I know what you program does :)

As you already said if your program is a protoptype for banking applciation, then it can be used in Banks, Financial Institutes, Currecy Exchange etc...
It just do nothing but create an account, withdraw money, deposit money, trnafer money, and some basic thing like this.Only thing is it works on LAN Connection and I'm going to put this project under the topic Networking and Communication...Please Reply...
You can use it in applications like

- Online Banking
- Walth Management
- Mobile Banking
- Cash on Mobile
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