3d (cross platform) game with C++

Hi. I`m learning C++. I want to make a 3d (cross platform) game with C++. I have experience in VISUAL BASIC, HTML, CSS too. One of my questions:Do I need to know Opengl to make a 3d (cross platform) game or a game engine, like Ogre3D or a combination of both? I don`t like DirectX because it is only for Windows. Opengl and DirectX scares me. Are they difficult to learn? Please, answer and give me some advice how to start because I am very confused. Thank you in advance.
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Opengl and directx api's are a bit low level so it is even tideous to even open a window using them , now that you are only a beginner i would recommend not to approach these , first have a good understanding of c++ and then try making some 2d games with easy to use api's like sfml or sdl now when you are more confident and a better programmer learn opengl , it is cross platform or go for ogre3d or some other kind of 3d api like irrlight3d these api's are simply a layer above opengl and directx with predefined functions and classes like particle engines that you will eventually use in making your own engine and eases your work a lot.
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