Avi in CMFCRibbonStatusBar

Hello to Everyone.
I have created MFC Ribbon Application in VS2010. I have attached avi with CMFCRibbonStatusBarPane with Autoplay mode. When I have started my application Click on Button For "Play Avi". Avi is running now.

If my Application is having character Set Settings: Multibyte Character Set
And Click on Button For "Opening 20 Documents" Avi is still running while opening documents.

But If My Application is having character set Settings: Unicode
And Click on Button For "Opening 20 Documents" Avi is automatically stopped while opening documents.

Details As Below:::

CStatusbarAnimate CPP: Create Code
if (!CAnimateCtrl::Create( dwStyle, rect, pStatusBar, 0 ))
return FALSE;

m_nPane = nPane;
return Open( nIDanimation );
MainFrame Header
CStatusbarAnimate *m_pAnimate;
CMFCRibbonStatusBar m_wndStatusBar;
CMFCRibbonStatusBarPane *m_wndStatusValue1;
MainFrame CPP: OnCreate Function
m_wndStatusValue1 = new CMFCRibbonStatusBarPane(ID_STATUSBAR_PANE1, _T(""), TRUE);
m_wndStatusBar.AddElement(m_wndStatusValue1, _T(""));
m_wndStatusBar.AddExtendedElement(new CMFCRibbonStatusBarPane(ID_STATUSBAR_PANE2, strTitlePane2, TRUE), strTitlePane2);
MainFrame CPP: "Play Avi" Function (Button Click)
CRect rect;
rect = m_wndStatusValue1->GetRect();
m_pAnimate = new CStatusbarAnimate;
m_pAnimate->Create(IDR_AVITEST, 1,rect);

AND "Open 20 Documents" (Button Click)
CRibbonStatusApplicationDoc *pDoc;
for(int k = 0; k < 20; k++)
pDoc = (CRibbonStatusApplicationDoc *)((CRibbonStatusApplicationApp *)AfxGetApp())->pDocTemplate->OpenDocumentFile(NULL,true);

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