i attend costaatt in Trinidad i study information tech and i am interested in brain computer interface technology if anyone has any idea in say fmri eeg mri or any other brain scanning programming that can be associated with programming give me a post i am first year but conversationalist on the matter will be of great appreciation...... pls give web reference.. later all, email me at pls cooperate brain computer interfaces are important and thus we should educate ourselves on the matter. this is an interesting site and i was wondering if any conversation can be gotten from the codes here feel free to utilise my email.
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who are you zaita are you admin ?
No. But that link will actually help you get valid responses to what you're looking for, as opposed to spamming the board with a lump of text most people won't even bother reading.

is the lack of sample code the problem dose the lack of this cause a problem, if so contacting the email will be of no problem to me, or even a site were this topic is a mainstay would be of greater assistance, if you know any biology or it or even a neuroligist then give me a buzz, later hope i did not come across to vaugely there, later, oh what was wrong with the intial post what was wrong exactly i would very much like to learn, later zaita.
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