input and output results to a text file

This is the question for my code...
well i have done the inputing the marks into the input.txt file...but now i dont know how to output the mean and the standard deviation of the mark..can anyone help me to guide on this ...

Write a program to read in a sequence of examination mark from a text file named as input.txt and produce the mean, and standard deviation of the marks. Your program should also produce a bar chart for each grade where the range of mark is given as below.

Output the result to another text file named as output.txt.

You're not going to get any kind of "bar chart" (I think you mean graph) into a .txt file unless you're looking for some kind of ASCII art ( ).

Also how are the marks organized in the input.txt file? You need to elaborate more.
the users enters the mark in the console windows...and after that the marks will be input into the input.txt file....
next we hve to find the mean and the standard deviation from the input file and output it to a output.txt file..hope this might help you....
I don't understand, maybe if you show me the input file
Are you counting how many are grouped together, or something else ?

A console program can make a bar chart like

ok well the i have already stored an array to store 5 student exam marks....
example this is the exam marks for 5 student..
now i have to output the mean and s.deviation into the output.txt and also i need a bar chart for it...
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