testing of video file

hi all,

i am working on Symbian,brew,nokia Qt,samsung bada,iphone,
all of this technology based on C,C++,or objective C

in all of this technology i am facing a problem.

i have create a application ,which is playing a video file.(for example .3gp file)

if video file is correct then no issue, my application working fine.

BUT VIDEO is corrupt(like only audio part in this and some frame of image is missing)
then in my application ,i am able to listen audio part but nothing on display.

but when i am playing this corrupt video in native videoplayer like VLC,realplayer,winzip then this player show me a error msg.

my question is, how i can detect using C or C++ pragmatically video file is correct or corrupt before playing it.(like native player) .

please help me....................
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The error handling for the video playback will be specific to the library your using (e.g LibAVCodec) and you'll need to consult the documentation for that libary.

IIRC VLC etc all use FFMPEG's libraries. And the documentation sucks, but they do provide sufficient source code examples.
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