Compilation in Machine Language

Let me give you straight what I want to do:

Have a program which given a C source code file, gives back RAW MACHINE CODE, which means it doesn't have to be a executable on his own.


Given a example function for C:

int stdcall Function(void)
    return 0;

Gives back the Machine Code for the Example Function.

It doesn't need to be actual C code, it can also be like:

type int
return 0

Or also it can be a straight assembly-to-machine-code compiler.

Is there any Library? Or even a external tool I can look into?
Am I getting sth wrong? Isn't this all these .obj stuff placed in Release and Debug folders in any Windows IDE? (Of course in other OSes as well, maybe with different extensions).
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What I want is, say an EXE file, I want the EXE-specific informations taken out such as compiler infos, header...
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Assembly debuggers can also help you with this. You can go instruction by instruction with those, see the actual code although it would be really hard to understand what all those numbers mean.

I've only worked with Borland's TAsm, TLink and TD (Turbo Debugger). I haven't tried them on any C executable or compiler generated object files.
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