Please, please someone just read this.

I have tried too many times to get help with my program on this site, but it hasn't been discussed. I'm not even going to post the code this time. Just please show interest so I know there is someone out there that will help me.
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can you post this whole whole -put it on a code pasting site so we can download it and try it.
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And please stick to a single thread.
3 people expressed interest in helping you here:
but you never responded. Instead, the code appears in this thread:

I don't see anything wrong myself. Please include the actual error messages, which tell others more than you might imagine.
I'm sorry, I somehow lost connection to the thread 90794. I thought I had email notifications on but I didn't. Thank you for bringing that to my attention!
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You're welcome. Just check under "My topics" (to the left when signed in) to see all threads you have participated in.

Reminder: Post some code and error messages for help with your problem.
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