Communication to another computer tutorial

Hi guys,

I am looking to broaden my C++ knowledge and was wondering if anyone knows of a noob tutorial for doing something simple like sending some text to another computer.

There are tons of good game tutorials, but not too many (that I have seen) which deal with communicating remotely to other computers.


a google search turned up this link

The best simple way to construct such a program is to create a server program and have two client programs that connect to the server to post in a simple messaging or message board type format. There are almost literally hundreds of ways you could do this, but the server/client model is a good start. Start with something really simple, like sending short messages back and forth, and just go from there. The beauty of programming is in new discoveries simply by playing with code.
Hi randisking,

Sorry for the belated reply, but I just got back home. I will be sure to check out your link and take it from there.

I completely agree with your analysis about the "beauty" of programing. It's a lot of fun being a noob and just learning, even though I can't do everything I desire.

Another great thing about programming is anything you can't do is just something you haven't mastered yet. No matter how good a programmer you are, there's always something new to learn. I've yet to meet a zen master of C++.
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