Moving from Qt to Boost - Networking

I's using Qt to build Udp and Tcp servers/clients. Now in recent project, Qt is not allowed and i'm supposed to use Boost. Having gone through boost::asio, i feel confused since there are so many features and usages are very different from Qt. For Udp (multicast,broadcast etc) i'm more or less clear now. But for Tcp i'm having problems understanding:

(have to do all async)

<1> TCP is stream oriented so there is no way to know the number of bytes that have arrived. So we use asio::ip::tcp::socket::async_read_some(). However in Qt we have readAll() for a socket which can be made to read all data on readyRead() signal and return a QByteArray, the size of which we needn't specify as it can grow. How do i achieve this in Boost? readyRead() signal i think would map to async_read_some(), what about the rest (readAll() and "growable" buffer/array?

<2> disconnected() signal is emitted in Qt if the TCP connection disconnects (server/client off, lan cable unplugged etc). What would be the equivalent check in Boost? Do i need a timer to periodically send and expect heartbeat messages myself?
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