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Guys I am trying To send a mail using C++ code i found from the net , when i compiled it it says

In function `_Z13ChilkatSamplev':
[Linker error] C:/Users/dhayalan/Documents/mail.cpp:10: undefined reference to `CkMailMan::CkMailMan()'
[Linker error] C:/Users/dhayalan/Documents/mail.cpp:14: undefined reference to `CkMailMan::UnlockComponent(char const*)'
[Linker error] C:/Users/dhayalan/Documents/mail.cpp:21: undefined reference to `CkMailMan::put_SmtpHost(char const*)'
[Linker error] C:/Users/dhayalan/Documents/mail.cpp:24: undefined reference to `CkMailMan::put_SmtpUsername(char const*)'
[Linker error] C:/Users/dhayalan/Documents/mail.cpp:25: undefined reference to `CkMailMan::put_SmtpPassword(char const*)'
[Linker error] C:/Users/dhayalan/Documents/mail.cpp:28: undefined reference to `CkEmail::CkEmail()'
[Linker error] C:/Users/dhayalan/Documents/mail.cpp:30: undefined reference to `CkEmail::put_Subject(char const*)'
[Linker error] C:/Users/dhayalan/Documents/mail.cpp:31: undefined reference to `CkEmail::put_Body(char const*)'
[Linker error] C:/Users/dhayalan/Documents/mail.cpp:32: undefined reference to `CkEmail::put_From(char const*)'
[Linker error] C:/Users/dhayalan/Documents/mail.cpp:33: undefined reference to `CkEmail::AddTo(char const*, char const*)'
[Linker error] C:/Users/dhayalan/Documents/mail.cpp:52: undefined reference to `CkMailMan::CloseSmtpConnection()'
[Linker error] C:/Users/dhayalan/Documents/mail.cpp:55: undefined reference to `CkEmail::~CkEmail()'
[Linker error] C:/Users/dhayalan/Documents/mail.cpp:55: undefined reference to `CkMailMan::~CkMailMan()'
[Linker error] C:/Users/dhayalan/Documents/mail.cpp:55: undefined reference to `CkEmail::~CkEmail()'
[Linker error] C:/Users/dhayalan/Documents/mail.cpp:55: undefined reference to `CkMailMan::~CkMailMan()'
In function `_ZN9CkMailMan9SendEmailERK7CkEmail':
[Linker error] c:/program files/dev-cpp/mingw32/bin/../lib/gcc/mingw32/4.7.0/../../../../include/CkMailMan.h:469: undefined reference to `CkMailMan::SendEmail(CkEmail const*)'
C:\Users\dhayalan\Documents\collect2.exe [Error] ld returned 1 exit status

The program is :
i found this Program From
And the necessary headers from
The linker error is with in the function , as i dint call it too !
pls help and thanks in advance .

#include <CkMailMan.h>
#include <CkEmail.h>

int main(){

void ChilkatSample(void)
// The mailman object is used for sending and receiving email.

CkMailMan mailman;

// Any string argument automatically begins the 30-day trial.

bool success;
success = mailman.UnlockComponent("30-day trial");

if (success != true) {



// Set the SMTP server.


// Set the SMTP login/password (if required)


// Create a new email object

CkEmail email;

email.put_Subject("This is a test");
email.put_Body("This is a test");
email.put_From("Chilkat Support <>");
email.AddTo("Chilkat Admin","");

// To add more recipients, call AddTo, AddCC, or AddBcc once per recipient.

// Call SendEmail to connect to the SMTP server and send.
// The connection (i.e. session) to the SMTP server remains
// open so that subsequent SendEmail calls may use the
// same connection.

success = mailman.SendEmail(email);
if (success != true) {

// Some SMTP servers do not actually send the email until
// the connection is closed. In these cases, it is necessary to
// call CloseSmtpConnection for the mail to be sent.
// Most SMTP servers send the email immediately, and it is
// not required to close the connection. We'll close it here
// for the example:

success = mailman.CloseSmtpConnection();
if (success != true) {
//printf("Connection to SMTP server not closed cleanly.\n");

// printf("Mail Sent!\n");

You can't just include headers and use their functions without having the source definitions for those functions. You will need to get the entire library, compile the source, then link to the resulting files in your project.
@madshop I dint get you , did you mean to say function definition or something else . I dont have any idea on How to use STMP . is there any alternate program to send mail using c++ (STMP) ??
The header files you are using that give you the functions and classes to use the STMP protocol are just headers. They don't have the actual function bodies in them, just the declarations. Try this:

void function();

int main()
    return 0;

Because the compiler never sees a body for function(), you get an undefined reference error. The same thing is happening with your STMP library, you have all the function declarations in the headers but not the function bodies. You need to get the source files as well, compile them and then link your project with them. Have you ever used a 3rd party library before?
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