please help

hey everybody i have a home work
i try to solve it .... but i lose can any one one here help me .....
note :
i'm at my first year at unversity .... please help

there is one question :

Consider int A[10]={ ....................}; // already filled
int B[10]={ ....................}; // already filled
Using PIONTER NOTATION ONLY, write a function that receives two arrays of integers like A and B above. The function should swap the values in A and B. You may NOT use array notation [ ]. Also, you have to use pointers to move among array cells.
Note: Both arrays are of the same size, and size should be variable in the function.
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well write some pseudo code and turn it into c++. we cant do homework for you
Can you at least write the function prototype? We can get started from there.
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