what to do now?

hi, i attend a class in college. so it's pretty much cover all the basic of c++ till we go on inheritance, pointer and etc. then i stop studying coz of some problem, but i want to continue my study. i already made lots of system in c++ like payroll, atm, and other stuff we need on our course. but now. i want to go on advance and i dont know where to start. i just like to make my own real "hard core" program/software/game. i already study some other language like java, c, php, html, and mysql. but i want to focus on c++ till a master it. but i think im only basic parts of c++ even though im on my 3rd year of my college. so i hope someone can help me where should i begin to learn advance c++. tx
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Find some open source project (sourceforge, bitbucket, github, ...). If you find something interesting, try to add some feature.

By the time you've done that you'll have a real understanding of what's involved in software development. After that, you can go off an do whatever you want.
hi thx for the info. i think i want to make a GUI on the old system that i made. can you help me or give me a link where can i learn that
That depends on the system.
for example. ill start with making a simple calculator with gui. i think that's the easiest one to make a gui. but i dont know where to startjavascript:editbox1.editPreview().
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