help me out with a code for this problem.

A certain organization insures its employees according to the following criteria:

i. Male and 18 year and above
ii. Male unmarried and 21 year and above
iii. Female and 21 year and above
iv. Female unmarried and 24 year and above

i. Clearly identify the inputs

ii. Write down a pseudocode(steps) required to check whether an employee is insured

iii. Write a C++ program for the organization

iv. Test your program and give sample outputs for the following sample inputs:

a. Male , Married, 17 years
b. Male ,married ,67 years
c. Male ,unmarried, 20 years
d. Male, unmarried, 34 years
e. Female , Married, 17 years
f. Female ,married ,67 years
g. Female ,unmarried, 20 years
h. Female, unmarried, 34 years

Show what you have so far and what, in particular, you're getting stuck with.

We can help you out with this, we can't do your homework for you.
im new in this...
i have no idea what to do iv just started and the lecturer hasnt taught much so i saw this question in a past paper and i wanted to know how to do it..
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