Learning C++ before College

I bought a book, Sams teach yourself C++ in one hour a day, to learn some C++ before college. I have talked to a few counselors about which degree to pursue and they all tell me something different. I want to be a video game programmer. As in a person who writes the code for the game, I do NOT want to draw. One school thinks i should take The Web Design & Interactive Media program. I saw nothing in the classes that spoke of programming or C++ and I was very clear as to what I wanted to do.

Does anyone here know the path and degree I should be pursuing. I am thinking maybe it is a software engineer.
You could take a Computer Science or Information Technology degree. Although these may not be offered in your country (or may go by a different name).
I think that is what I will start with. A few people have said Computer science. I know there are many aspects of making a video game. Thank you Coder.
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