C++ Developer App for iOS with input?

Hello! I have been looking for an app on the Apple App Store to let me code C++ with input(while the program is running). I have heard that if you Jailbreak your iOS device you can install the GNU GCC/G++ compiler. Is this true? Either way, I would prefer an app that was on the App Store, paid or free! I just can't seem to find an app for it. So much for Apple having an app for everything. On PC compilers, they let you input values 'Live', I guess is how you could put it. I'm sure you know what I mean. There is an app that will let you do it in Python, so why not C++? If someone could give me some 'Pointers' that could me appreciated. Pun intended.

Thanks for reading and any help will be appreciated!
The app I use on my SG S is called CCTools. I'm not sure if it is on the app store.

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Thanks! Will check it out later ;-)
For ios there arent very many good options from what ive seen. I would recommend using a ssh client or one of the hundreds of remote desktop apps so you could just connect to your home pc and write the code on it remotely.
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