Compiling boost libraries

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I have been trying to compile a static version of the boost libraries, however when I try to launch the program it says
fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file 'libboost_serialization-vc100-mt-s-1_53.lib'
I have checked in the boost/stage/lib folder and that file is not there. I compiled boost with
b2 link=static
yet the file still isn't there. Can someone explain what I'm doing wrong or at least provide a download to the file?

Did you riun bootstrap specify the right toolset?

I've use this on Linux to build static libs for the GNU and Intel compilers:
./ --with-toolset=gcc
./b2 -a threading=multi variant=release link=static

./ --with-toolset=intel-linux
./b2 -a threading=multi variant=release link=static
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I'm using visual studio so I don't need to specify a tool-set right? Why is This program even asking for that library? I have a very similar program that doesn't ask for that particular library file.
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I was running /MT instead of /MD... or something like that.
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