.h File that is Continously Updating to extract certain variables

Hello everyone,

I need to write a C++ program, that extracts certain variables, x y z, from a file that is continuously being updated x y z. These variables are going to be used to recalculate a new answer.

My question is to see if it is possible to have an include .h file that is always being updated so that I can extract these three variables from it, and always have the newest venison of each variable, so that the answer to the equation is always the newest updated. Is this possible? Should I use fopen or fwrite to do this. Thank you for your help and time!
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you would need a .cpp file that did it
I am sort of new to C++ could you please explain more what a .cpp file is and how this would work. Thank you!
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its what you save a c++ program in
Well I was wondering how I would incorporate the file that is always being updated in to my .cpp or C++ program. If the .h file is able to have a file included that is always being updated with new variables.
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