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1) the tutorials had failed to mention that they were not keys.
2) i still firmly believe that char * is better.
You've given nothing to back up your opinion that C style strings are better.
DTSCode wrote:
no, make it a char_t. it doesn't need to be int. we rnt in the c age anymore

Truesome. Wait, what?

"We aren't in the C age anymore", but you favor char pointers to std::string?

I don't use C arrays at all anymore (not in C++ at least).
Because even for small, fixed size, constant arrays, one can use std::array instead.

2) i still firmly believe that char * is better.

Believing firmly, versus knowing.

Have you seen this?

Among other things, it demonstrates concatenation of strings. That is, appending one user-given string to another user-given string. If you rewrite that to use char arrays you'll run into dynamic memory allocation, and the finer points of array to pointer decay.

In plain English, you'll do a lot of extra work, as opposed to... not doing it.
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