Callback Quandry as in "HELP !!!"

I am fairly new to C++ but have 15+ years in C. What was relatively simple in C is confounding in C++, passing a callback 'address' to be used for a dynamic callback.

Class A object creates an object from Class B and another object from Class C in its constructor. Class/Object C has a method that needs to be called from Class/Object B.

How does Object A syntactically send the method function 'pointer' from Object B to Object C and how does Object C syntactically use it, assuming 1 parameter has to be passed to this function in B from C?

I have 'googled' the blazes out of this and am at a loss. Singleton is out of the question as many threads will have this configuration. Suffice it to say, we have no C++ experts here, just 1 Java guy.

As an additional comment, this NOT Microsoft C++, it's good old Gnu "g++" on Linux.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks everyone!
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