xsd and xerces

Hi all!

I want to create c++ classes from xml schema (xsd) and then create objects from a xml file.

I used xsd from codesynthesis and made classes for my schamas, it genereted few cxx and hxx files. I created new project in dev then added to project those files. Then i added in project options include directories and library directories to my xerces.

When i try to compile program (which has only include lines for my hxx files) i got linker error:
[Linker error] abc.o:abc.cxx:(.text$_ZN3xsd3cxx3xml10initializeEv[__ZN3xsd3cxx3xml10initializeEv]+0x27): undefined reference to `_imp___ZN11xercesc_3_116XMLPlatformUtils10InitializeEPKcS2_PNS_12PanicHandlerEPNS_13MemoryManagerE'
then line:
bad reloc address 0x27 in section `.text$_ZN3xsd3cxx3xml10initializeEv[__ZN3xsd3cxx3xml10initializeEv]'

I really dont have any clue what to do with those... Is there someone, who can help me with this?
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