trying to start coding audio synthesizers

hi guys, like the title states, I'm interested in learning how to write the software for audio synthesizers. a friend of mine started on the hardware side for them and, as i have no experience with this type of code, i was looking for any advice or books you guys would suggest looking into! thanks in advance!
Can you be more specific as to what kind of audio synthesizer you're talking about? Tone generation? Chiptune style simple waveforms (square/triangle/etc), FM synth, waveform samples?

A brief summary of what the program you want to write would need to do would help.

I have some experience in this area, and while I don't know of any books to recommend really, I might be able to answer Qs.
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i dont really have any specific questions right now. im just really interested in the subject and wanted some general advice and some good places to start, maybe a buddy who wouldnt mind helping out with some more specific questions later on down the line :D
i guess i should also say the these synths are going to be analog. so nothing like the vst's for ableton
these synths are going to be analog

Not sure I understand what you mean ... and not sure you know what analog means. Analog synthesizers are typically called "musical instruments" and have nothing to do with computer software. =P


wanted some general advice and some good places to start,

Can't really give you on-point advise because I'm still a little uncertain of exactly what the actual goal is.

Assuming you're talking about basic tone generation... the first steps I would take is:

1) Learn to stream sound. Start by loading a file and streaming it (several audio libs can do this... BASS is a popular, easy to use one)

2) Generate a basic sine wave and stream that instead of the audio file.

3) Make frequency/amplitude of the sine wave configurable to play any tone.

4) Do something like mapping keys on the keyboard to play a specific tone (pressing 'A' plays A.. 'S' plays A#... something like that)
thats an analog synth. and the software part is programming what you want it to do and uploading it to a chip in a microcontroller.

and ill look into the second part of your post. thanks!

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thats an analog synth.

Yeah I actually started googling it after I posted (probably should have done it before... but oh well). Interesting stuff.

But anyway... I guess that means I don't have experience in this area. Only in digital synth. Sorry =(

and ill look into the second part of your post. thanks!

Well... that was all digitial synth related. I'm pretty sure none of it would be applicable to analog synth.
hmm... ok. well no worries! thanks anyways
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