Text Editor Printing Algorithms?

Can you provide suggestions, or even source code?
They should apply for: backspace, return, regular char input, vertical scrolling.
There is only one buffer, and it is not allowed to side scroll past max col, instead it must scroll down, appending the line cur_y + 1.
I think your question highly depends on the framework you're using. Qt? Cocoa? Something Microsoft specific? ...
The framework is irrelevant.
I'm just looking for c++ syntax like algorithms, just use an imaginary printing function. I asked here in hope of someone having done this before so that i don't have to conclude my own.
Usually your framework will send some event indicating for example a key pressed or Mouse click and so on. Your application should incarnate some objects handling those events. Some frameworks f.e. Apples Cocoa, ApplicationKit, ... handle scrolling themselves.
There exists a simple terminal based library named curses or ncurses. It's not object oriented and you've to write your own event handling loop.
Thanks anyway, but i wrote it myself.
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