Relating to Cygwin

Does anyone know why I come across an error trying to compile on cygwin:
-bash: g++: command not found
I believe i downloaded the right package: editor-vim enhanced something
The shell is saying that it does not have a "g++" command in its current path.

The most likely reasons are:
1) missing path in $PATH
2) no g++

So, step one is to try to find the g++ executable. Look in /usr/bin, etc..

If you find it, make sure the path to it is appended to your PATH environment variable in ~/.bashrc. (Google can help you with this.)

If you cannot find it, you probably don't have it. In that case you'd have to install it. (Google can help you with this.)

It's been a long time since I've used Cygin, but I thought it came with the tool chain ready to go...
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