C++ RPG game

This RPG game is my first using c++. i would like to know if this RPG is even good at all. please give me feedback of maybe what i should add or remove or maybe even just deleting it and start again. thanks!

link to RPG game: http://www.filedropper.com/trevenue
The game is a text rpg (basically DOS..) if you like those types of games and know a bit about them, please give feedback.

Game is 100% SAFE and not malicious.

Screen Shot of proof, SAFE:

I hope you all like the program. Thank you.
Scan was provided by Norton.
DOS games weren't text based last time I checked.

Also, that screenshot doesn't show the name of the file you scanned.

We're also not game critics - we're code critics. We could help you more with your code than your game, so I would recommend you paste your code.

If it is long or multiple files, you can use a free hosting service like GitHub or Gist.
i dont like posting me codes mainly because of leechers. but i thought DOS was text base?
pr3dicine wrote:
This RPG game is my first using c++.
pr3dicine wrote:
i dont like posting me codes mainly because of leechers
If a leech sucks the blood out of someone whose body doesn't know how to make perfect blood yet, I don't think there's any harm except to the leech.

DOS games generally switched into a different graphics context and drew graphics to the screen.
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