Installing SFML 2.0 with CodeBlocks on Mac OS X?

Hi. I have been coding SFML on my Windows bootcamp OS for quite some time now, but I would like to code it on my Mac OS. I have looked for about a week for a tutorial on how to do it, but can't seem to find one for CodeBlocks. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't suggest using XCode. XCode is one of the worst programs ever invented. The GUI is terrible, it has terrible auto-completion and CodeBlocks is much MUCH better in my opinion.

Is it even possible to get SFML 2.0 to work on Mac OS X with CodeBlocks. I refuse to use XCode and would prefer use the terrible OS known as Windows to code SFML. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

I would like a video tutorial if possible but beggars can't be choosers, eh?
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your not using xcode right
nope! No XCode
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