ADT storage

Hey guys. I have something interesting for you:

If I have a 3D array of type CLASS, and a 2D array of type CHAR, how can I store the 2D array in the 3D array?

class foo[3][4][5];
char bar[3][10];
foo[i][j][k] = bar[][10];//the entire BAR array must be stored here 

Would I just need to change 'bar' to class type?
Please elaborate on your problem.

Why would you try to store a 2D array inside a 3D array instead of just making the 2D array part of the class type.
In my case, the 2D array is a game board that holds certain piece positions. The 3D array is used to count/sort through certain criteria, and I wanted to store the different boards in the array, unless it would be easier to use the 3D array to sort through the criteria and a vector to store the array?
Then your 2D Array should hold a pointer to an object. The object should hold the details you require.
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