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Need C++ Tutoring for College Degree

I am in my second quarter of C++ programming. I need major help learning the basics. Not looking for someone to do my homework - I want to know how to do this. During our time together, we would be working on the assignment due that week, but I want to be the one entering the code in to understand how everything ties together.

Unfortunately, My "C++ intro" class was too simple and I don't know that I really learned much from it. I am willing to pay for tutoring...however, please understand that I am on a limited budget.

I am using VB Studio 2010. I would be looking for about 2-3 hours a week (typically one day at once) depending on the complexity of the assignment. Would like to during the week around 6p PST.

Please contact me ASAP. My email is jbaehmer@gmail.com.
I would be willing to communicate either in person, phone or even skype.
Is this job still available? I would be able to tutor and guide you along for a couple hours this week. Starting next week, however, I'll be out of my college classes and will have earned an associates degree in Computer Science (I'll have loads of free time).

High-level languages that I currently know to a comfortable degree (or to point that I am content with at the moment) are C++, C, and Java. I also know my way around the basics of x86 assembly (MASM) which is a low-level language.

I will be attending UT Austin for my bachelor's degree in Computer Science starting in August... So I guess everything I've stated is like a mini-portfolio of mine. I'll be sending you a PM and email.
you can contact me on my mobile +91 8181969432 or skype id :: missioneducation1 for tutoring
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