looking to get a team started

hello, i am aiming to start a team of people to help me with my next project, no it is not paid. its just a team. i am making a game in c++, as i have made my own 2d games in c++, this will be my first 3d project. we will be working with ogre 3d (means it will be opengl and directx).

i have experience in c++ and i have worked with many many 3d modeling software's. This includes autodesk inventor, autodesk 3ds max, animator, blender(one i mostly use), and i was thinking about trying out maya eventually.

sadly i cant share any of my projects with anyone because the hard drive on my laptop corrupted and all my work was lost with it.

if anyone is interested send me an email at oppositescopez@yahoo.com

i am looking for anyone that knows a fair amount of c,c++ or has worked with blender, maya, or 3ds max.

and yes this is a long term project, it will be a BIG game, it will take a LONG time. but in the end it will be a big accomplishment.

and this would look GREAT in the end to help anyone get into any job they might need or a college they might like to get into.

*update - might be using irrlicht as the engine , unless ogre starts working with code blocks, because it seems ogre is impossible to set up.
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