C++ Tutor for Bitcoins

I am now offering tutoring for Bitcoins. An digital currency for those that do not know. Very useful by the way, check it out sometime.

I can help with homework, assignments, projects, and more.

Please email me at blueshell125@gmail.com for more information.
What kind of experience do you have? You said you offer tutoring in the title but how will you do the tutoring?

Do you mean, how to make a Bitcoin Miner and such or what do you mean?

I am interested.

What he meant is he will do homework/tutor you for bitcoins. (That is what he except as payment)

Edit: that is what I think he meant. Would be weird otherwise.
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Oh, Sorry the OP is hard to understand unless I read it badly.
hi i am BischoffTam,
actually i want to learn c and c++ in online if you have any website please give me
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